Re-Balancing / Re-Calibrating your Smart Balance Scooter Hover Board


Is your Smart Balance Scooter running weird? Turning one side faster than the other? No worries, the Smart Balance Scooter has a built in re-balancing feature that allows you to easily re-balance the scooter without removing a single screw.

Here is the Youtube Video:

1. Smart Balance Scooter is rattling
2. Smart Balance Scooter is turning one side faster or slower than the other.

1. Shipping/Transportation bumping may cause the scooter to become off balance
2. Crashing the scooter and dropping off steps or ledges.

1. With the Smart Balance Scooter in the “OFF” status. Press and hold the power button for 10 seconds. You will hear a second beep that indicates the Smart Balance Scooter is in re-balance mode. Once you let go of the power button, the balance indicator will blink RED.
2. While the scooter is in balancing mode, place the scooter on a flat surface and line-up the body frame. If the scooter is slow while turning right, then offset the left platform up by 2mm to 3mm. If the scooter is slow while turning left, then offset the right platform up by 2mm to 3mm.
3. After you have done re-aligning the scooter platforms, press the power button one more time to set the new balance and turn off the scooter.
4. Turn back on the scooter and test the new re-balanced scooter to make sure the balance is the way you like. If the scooter is still turning slower or faster on one side, just start the re-balance process again to re-configure until you get the exact balance you like.

Smart Balance Scooter is available at

Here is a video demonstrating how to re-balance / re-calibrate your Smart Balance Scooter:


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