SSD Solid State Drive Initializing and Formatting for Windows or Mac

I have been servicing quite a few customer's recently that have had trouble installing there new SSD drive into there Windows PC or Mac. I will try to outline how to initialize the drive, format, and clone your drive.


Windows 10

Connect your new SSD to your Windows PC or laptop. I use a USB 3 to SATA III adapter cable to connect the drive to my laptop.

On first connection, the SSD will not show up on the File Explorer/My Computer page because the SSD Drive has not been initialized, partitioned, and formatted yet.


Right Click on your Windows Icon/Start Menu

Select -> Disk Management

In Disk Management you should see the uninitialized drive, in the picture below it is Disk 1. Right Click on Disk 1 and select "Initialize Disk"

Select Either the MBR or GPT format. If you're using Windows 10, I recommend GPT Format. If you are using Windows version prior to Windows 10, I recommend MBR.

After the disk is initialized, you need to select the Unallocated disk space in Disk 1 and Right Click to Create a Simple Volume.

New Simple Volume Wizard will open. You just need to "Next" through the prompt unless you want to make changes to the default setting such as changing the volume size or the partition format.


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